By way of background, last year the ISP for all of DMCons, Inc's websites was bought out. At that time, all the websites were converted to the new ISP. Unfortunately, they did not support Unidata as the programming database. As a result, all of DMCons, Inc's websites became static pages. We are working with the new ISP to remedy that situatuon.

DMCons, Inc. (formerly Data Management Consultants) has been providing top level consulting  services since 1986.  In the intervening years, DMCons' clients have been industry leaders. 

Now we are expanding our services to include the next generation - the internet.  We have added  full service web design and hosting to the list of services we offer.

Whether you need senior consulting services, marketing or merchandising databases, internet databases, web design, web hosting, web programming, Internet research, or just short term contract computer expertise, let DMCons, Inc. be your solution center.


At Last!

After more than 15 years of development, DMCons, Inc. is finally able to offer to the Multi-value programming world the reason for our success - The DMCons' mvToolbox.

This unique, integrated package of tools is the distillation of decades of programming experience. It will save you more time then you can imagine.

When a VP at Pixius Communications saw the mvToolbox, he quipped, "Wow, every tool I ever wanted but never had the time to write."

Take a few minutes to download and view our online Power Point presentation and see if The mvToolbox will help you to cut your maintenance costs by a significant amount.

DMCons client list:
Healthport, Inc

Perseus Books Group

Mercy Health Plan

QVC Network, Inc.(1) (2) (3) (4)

Kingdom Company

TV Shopping Network of Australia

C-Cor Corp.

CVN Companies

Andrews Office Products

Univ. Of PA School of Dental Medicine


Johns Hopkins Employee Health Plan

CRC Chemicals

EDS / Sprint Spectrum

Keydata Corp.

Avalon Information Systems

Aetna Life & Casualty
Foster Medical Corp.
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